If you ever wondered what a grade point average (GPA) is and how to calculate it and this tutorial is for you. Here we will review how do you calculate GPA (cumulative grade point average) and work through an example calculation together.

Letter grades, GPA and cumulative GPAs

All the courses you complete at the university will be assigned by own grade, the final grade will be a letter grade based on your performance in the course.

Letter grades are determined by your instructor or your departments trading scale this means certain other grades may vary depends on the course. You will be given a grading scale and your course syllabus at the beginning of each course, together the final grade of your course will be used to determine the cumulative grade point average, which is commonly, referred a cumulative GPA.

Although your are using GPA calculator to calculating the cumulative GPA automatically, understanding how to calculate is an important skill to add your academic toolbox. Once you complete your courses it is a good idea to assess yourself to determine you are achieving the grades that you setup to achieve and set some goals for your future course. It’s also important to be aware of your cumulative GPA as university one uses this GPA when determining your academic assessment.

Now, we discuss how to calculate your GPA with an example. This example is for the 4.5 scale grade points.

Step 1 : Assign grade points to each letter grade.

Each letter grade will be given a numeric value which is commonly referred to as grade point.

If you receive a grade of 8 plus in a course, you will receive 4.5 grade points, A is receive 4, B+ is 3.5, B is 3. If you receive C+ in a course the grade point you will be assigned is 2.5 and grade of C is assigned to grade 2.0 and D is 1.0 grade point and F is 0 grade point. Voluntary withdrawals don’t counting grade points average and therefore don’t assign any grade point value.

Step 2 : Calculate quality points

Quality points for individual courses are determined by multiplying the credit hour value also referred to its GPA hours and grade point of the course earned.

Grade point * Credit Hours (GPA Hours) = Quality Points

For example, if you receive a grade of B+ for 6 GPA hours, then quality point is 21.

3.5 * 6 = 21

Step 3 : Total the quality points

Once you calculated the quality points for each course, the third step in calculating your GPA is to get the total of quality points.

Step 4 : Divide total quality points by total hours

The final step is to total quality points and divide by total GPA hours. The answer is your cumulative Grade point average. Remember, if you repeated a course only the most recent attempt is included in your GPA hour total and the quality point total.

How to Calculate GPA