You may have wondered, how the attempt will impact your cumulative Grade Point Average or GPA. I wont be going into detail about the steps to calculate your GPA. so if you haven already, I suggest to check how to calculate the GPA prior to viewing this one, and repeated courses to ensure you have a solid understanding of how the GPA calculation works.

Understanding how to calculate cumulative GPA with a repeated course is important to know so that you will be able to make decisions about whether repeating a course is right thing for you and how the new attempt will impact your cumulative GPA.

If you repeat a course only the last grade achieved will be counted towards your cumulative GPA. This is indicated with the letter E, beside your previous attempt, signifying that it is excluded from your calculation. And the letter I, beside your most recent attempt showing it is included in your cumulative GPA calculation.

However your official transcript will show the all course grades attempts meaning, both attempts will remain on your transcript. Repeating a course does not make the first grade disappear. Here is your GPA Calculator to calculate your Grade Point Average.

Should you repeat a course?

In most cases, you will only be given one opportunity to repeat a course in which you have received a final grade. This also includes taking a course considered to be an equivalent to the course originally attempted.

You may repeat a course that you have previously taken, but you are not required to do so because of a low grade or a voluntary withdraw. Unless it is a course that is needed for admission or required once you are in your target faculty.

How to Calculate your Cumulative GPA with a Repeated Course