Any student can get good grades, any student, it doesn’t matter what is your background and what’s your experience has been. If you do the right things, and sometimes very simple things little tiny things you have to put into your routines that will allow you to get usually into the 90 percent. Here I would like to help you out by revealing with you the secrets of getting better grades.

When you go to a job you work for your employer and you give the best you have got. They got you for the hours, and you are getting paid for the time you are putting in. I would like you to think of your classroom time and your study time as your job, it’s an investment in your future.

The better you do at school, the better you’ll have in your job and income you have. Think of it as your job. There is no downside to getting really good marks. Take your study time, all the distractions are removed you have the place you are going to study; you pick a time when you going to study and now you are going to work. You have all of your tools ready to go and you begin your study time.

The important thing to act first is always to plan…If you plan, you’ll definitely have good grades? No! Definitely not. Take Action to achieve your primary goal.

How to avoid distractions to get good grades?

Research shows low level distractions can make your task boring. All distractions are removed, the TV is off, all music is put away and seal yourself in a quiet room. The research tells us very clearly the only kind of music that you can actually have in the background that will help you learn is classical. Try Mozart’s music.

If you have to have something on the background then it’s only classical music.

Learning Strategies to get better grades.

  1. Rather than study straight for an hour, why not go for say 20 minutes and then take a very short break, may be make a cup of coffee or take garbage out or restroom break whatever you have to do just a couple of minuets. Come back and go for another 20 minutes, then take another very short break and then 20 minutes.
  2. Suppose you have a trouble getting started, here is the psychological tricks you can use. You can tell yourself, I am only going to study for five minutes and I am going to give it my best for five minutes, DO IT! The moment you start what happens is, once you are on the road you keep going, that always works that way. But in psychologically you are thinking I just given it five minutes but you studied for quite a while.
  3. Always make a list. Before you study sit down and prepare the list and now you start following through the list.
  4. Take a nap to break up a particularly long study session. This will increase your ability to focus.
  5. Studied so long and you stop absorbing the materials? Then it’s time to take a shower; the change of phase will stimulate your mind and help refresh your body.

Here are the summarized points for your action to good grades.

Time Management Techniques

  • Schedule – Regular study time every day
  • Prioritize & Prepare
  • Avoid getting stuck
  • Use your time and energy wisely
  • Say “No” to distraction

Taking Notes

  • Make notes of keywords and concepts.
  • Review – Always review your notes
  • Use flash cards to reduce your study time.


  • Ask yourself
  • Record – Take notes of your answer
  • Practice – do all the exercises.

Listening to Lectures

  • Prepare be on time
  • Take notes
  • Ask question
  • Think ahead of the teacher

I hope you learned some of the secrets of getting better grades, keep motivated and take action to achieve your goal. All the best.

How To Study Effectively and How To Get Good Grades